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Giveaway Details: February 2018

This is my first giveaway contest, so bear with me as I work out the kinks and details. I will be giving away one of two items:

1. The Rambler growler case in rust-brown leather

2. The Wanderer shoulder bag in dark brown oilskin

Selection of the giveaway product (out of these two choices) will be made via Facebook starting on Friday, February 2nd, 2018. An image of each item will be posted, along with the following description:

"Giveaway time! I'm jumping on the bandwagon and giving you the chance to win something from my shop for free. The only problem is that I can't decide which of these to give away... You have two possible choices, but I need you to vote for your favorite! Cast your vote and then show the product you want some love! Like, Comment, Share... whatever you want to do... on the item you think we should give away. In one week, on Friday the 9th, we will pick a winning item based on your reactions and begin the contest. For rules and giveaway details, please click below."

Once a winning item has been selected, we will create a follow-up post announcing the winning item and calling for submission for consideration. To win the item, contestants can do any of three things:

1. Like, Love, or otherwise 'react' to the post announcing the winning item (1 entry)

2. Comment on the post announcing the winning item (2 entries)

3. Share the post announcing the winning item (3 entries)

Contestants can do any or all of these, for a total possible 6 entries to the contest. Submissions will close at 11:59 PM PST on 2/15/18, and the giveaway winner will be announced on Monday, 2/19/18.

Other Details:

1. No purchase necessary, and purchases do not increase your odds of winning.

2. Only individuals who like and follow Old Ways Leather on Facebook AND complete the other contest requirements will be considered for entry and possible selection in this giveaway.

3. Only interactions with the original Old Ways Leather post will be considered valid entries in this giveaway. Reactions, Comments, or Shares on other copies of this post (including valid Shared entries from other contestants) will not be considered in selection of the giveaway winner.

4. Once announced, giveaway winners will have 48 hours to provide a valid shipping address in order to receive their item.

5. USA only.

6. Void where prohibited.

7. Old Ways Leather reserves the right to deny entry for any reason, including but not limited to entries we find offensive or in bad taste. Keep your commentary PG folks... this is a family show.

I think that's all for now. Help spread the word and let's get some Old Ways Leather goods into the hands of an excited contest winner (hopefully you!).


-Nate @ Old Ways Leather

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